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                        Omnibus Prime Colonization Program 

                          Remember Before we Return

We as humans must remember or place before we can go back to colonizing outer-space. 
                                                                               (Quoted by Dr.  Doug H )

Instead of reducing our population count, via birth control protocols such as  abortions , contraceptives, family sizing limitation protocols, land grabbing wars, and mercy killings here at  BRNS we now can give all of mankind a ribbon in the stars alternative via our new space accessing / omnibus prime colonization program.

                                    God bless you and yours

Join in on the movement to making our planet "green great again" 

now and get your order number for either one of our all green VTOL flying car like  flying saucers or a timeshare account aboard the world's first space / gravity generating "Delta Hotel" facility aloft.   

As always God bless you and yours 

"Cast thy Bread Upon the Waters" 

and truly make this planet great again 

Thanks to God's Words, such as 

Ecclesiastes 11, (EC-11)

the Goat of the aerospace / Spaceline industry 

is Casting a Shadow of Relief across the Waters of Earth 

for you and I 

Since the relative temperature of the earth's multiple environments are suddenly peaking toward their runaway triggering points of negative impact on us all, we here at DEHAS, via EC-11 have decided to 

stop the madness here and now 

by inviting humanity joining us today and get a piece of the rock aloft possibly for free tomorrow. Our CEO "Dr. D" the owner of the first FAA /AST registered spaceline, manmade electrical VTOL flying saucers and even the first rotating, artificial gravity generation, space based "delta-hotel" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlHSvMmFUuU  since the 20th century, invites you all to join him in cooling down the rhetoric of 

it all in order to save us all 

now and not later.  

Dr. D and his blue ridge nebula starlines will work under his newest  non-profit Ec-11 foundation to help, save the planet, 

Organizations like UB4Me seek to save the animals, bees and beaches of the world with us.  

Now you can can help cool down the various environments of earth, or join in on building various space-stations, that when nested together, will cast temperature reducing shadows across the universe al spaces below.  Be the first to possibly own a free timeshare space based, artificial gravity generation hotel room aloft by simply investing in making the 

"Earth Green Great" 

again below 

God bless you and yours 

       Blue Ridge Nebula Starlines Genesis 

Black and Blue 

                               just 4U 



Blue Ridge Nebula Starlines commits to providing Mr. Rodrick Martin's "Why the Strangeness" project black podcast with its Project Black concept with FAA 

Poject_black_logo_jpeg_whiteAST certified Aerospaceline transportation operations so feel free to get on board follow along, our just stay updated right here on our Omnibus Genesis Prime Program 

and as always 

God Bless you and yours

Tune in now to join the latest movement toward omnibus humanin space flight  activities via Rodrick Martian's 

Why the Big Secret /Strangeness 

Project Black's 

seers and seekers 




our CEO

Dr. Doug a


youtube.com/watch?v=m https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFbj06EgnPAFbj06EgnPA


                       BRNS Genesis Lunar Cultivation 

                                Based Competition 

Now instead of depleting the earth's resources and reducing our population count we have an alternative in the new space accessing terraforming colonization plan.

The up and coming young astrophysics of Denver Mr. C T  has just entered the competition to develop biological technologies pointed at terraforming our moon into a greenhouse earth inhabitants feeding resource site. Follow along as we help his astrophysics research and development work get  off the ground ; as posted below. 

Thanks and God bless you one and all

BRNS Space Colonizing Program

Now the true historical story of mankind will finally be told
                                                     ( Quoted by Dr. Haynes


   Worlds 1st / Safest Starline 
Host Black History Month Space Homesteading-Colonization                                                       Summit


Dr. Doug team will be presiding over  our first Omnibus Prime new space Colonization summit will be conducted right here in Denver
Colorado during Black History month (02-20-2015) at our community's
national recognized Five Points (Blair-Caldwell) African American history
research library) from around noon to 4:00 pm.
The subject matter presented during our black history month summit will be centered around and guided by the recently published literary review contents,as contained within the book named Asela the Oracle, Not only Dr. Doug Haynes,but many of his famous family members and friends
have co-authored this well referenced work of literary art to focus professionally on exploring each and all of mankind's ancestors
efforts to survive it all. We fell down and got right back up. bhmep-1That means that this trials and tribulation based study of mankind's historical plight to get to where we are today takes the time to examine the pros and cons of  our 13.5 billion year old trek / migration efforts across our ever
unfolding new spaces aloft and or as contained all around us. 

Asela the Oracle, which is also pointed at soon becoming an uplifting self-esteem movie and television series, reveals the true story of our ancestors, such as Dr, Haynes own famous families, historical migration patterns across the face of the heavens and earth. bhm-2bFor example famous members of both the original Givens/ Jeters associated family structure, such as the Haynes family own NFL Abner, Marques  and even locally Denver known  Allegra, "Happy" Haynes, along with other national and international members like NFL Orenthal James  "OJ" Simpsbkhmdadon and  even president Barack Obama are proudly highlighted / profiled in Dr. Doug Haynes book. As we know many members of society such as these individuals serve to represent the best of mankind's ups and downs of today as we now collectively seek as a species permission to penetrate deeply into the new and much more bountiful spaces aloft.

After honoring locally famous  African Americans such as  Dr. Haynes
three primary role models RH Lawrence / Ed Dewhite ( the first Black Astronauts) Omar Blair (one of the famously known 99th aero squadrons Tuskegee
Airman) and as always his dad, bhm-2c Mr. Haynes, who taught him  the most
a bought  aeronautics. We will also take time during the first Omnibus Prime new   space Colonization summit to educationally connect with the youth of Colorado. This will be done by conducting one of our typical, 20 year old, aviator’s kid camp's seminars / competition events.  
bhmepodtvsDr. Haynes black history educational Kid Camp's seminar on the 20th
of February next year will feature a presentation that seeks to
contrast  the basic differences between endorsing antiquated, dangerousbhm-9 and over polluting 20th century based rocket  powered space flight bhm-8activities used today verses his vastly superior, 21st century, new wave, USO UFO flying saucer hosting technology's. bhm-4Not only will the Omnibus Prime space Colonization summit’s kid camp strive to introduce the children of Denver to the use of our Star- trek and Star- wars lookalike chance to view one of the Haynes Saucers “SI-fi like” twin parachute aided ejection pods.   but it will also provide an opportunity to allow our future Sacernaut passengers tobhm-4book_displ

bhm-5Stop by and start a journey toward becoming not just an outdated Astronaut but the more fashionable Saucernaut enthuses of the 21st century.    

Its time to get mankind's past present and future story book right at last

Pleases feel free to  stop by and interject your feelings about migration
to space with BRNS and what you can do aloft right now to make it happen sooner than later for us all. 
It's time to head back to the stars from which we came from at last

As all-ways God bless bhm-7you and yours.

Blue Ridge Nebula Spaceline welcomes Mr. Lannie Wiens Planalism LLC organization, as one of  our new partners in the effort to enrich humanity via accessing the new spaces aloft think-tank resources.


As always God bless you and yours

BRNS Space Colonizing Program

   Welcome to your ribbon in the stars alternative accessing platform

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