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 Standing on the top 
of the industry in
A Category Of Our Own 
Dr. Doug (six-pack) Haynes wins 2018 Air/space/starline CEO of the Year Again 

Space Flight's now listed  per-person via our 10 passing or more flying saucers 
"No more 
diapers, zero gravity sickness or inefficient 
rocket motor equations in space"
As head of the only USA rated manned spaceship, flying saucer, and or FAA - AST designate X class/series spaceship flying today , as well as the safest / fastest growing / most innovated /most profitable and  most public  accessible civilian passenger and cargo space transportation  operation  hosting the most viewed Space Flight Reservation Webpage and YouTube Videos wins not only this years top award again but achieves the coolest, best looking,  most innovated 
Star-teak looking spaceship / designer of the century.

Thanks to God , as has been the case for the last 28 years, or more, Dr. Doug Haynes has once again won both  the nomination/ vote for categorizes such as top spaceline, number on CEO/ president, best starline manager,  greatest head aerospace scientist, and coolest space ship designing engineer of the civilian third wave space transportation industry.  

 Dr. D E Haynes also won the top 
passenger / cargo spaceship designer of the 21st century as images depicted on the most popular viewed space flight reservation webpage for the last two decades                                                 As always God Bless you and yours

Celebrating both our 63/23 years of perfect local, national


and international based   aviation, air, space and starline operational leadership as ranging from radial 
configured powerplants to redial shaped air-frames such as our twin UFO and USO Haynes Saucer designs like no one else can.

Dr. Doug Haynes finally get his FAA-AST spaceport certified on the 19th of this month, after nearly 3 decades of prayers and hard work 

so come on out and fly the world's most safest and cost effective, 10 passenger, plasma light speed drive Spaceliner  before you retire.

 Put space flight on your bucket list today 
and fly safely with us 
in a real flying saucer tomorrow  

 Keeping Colorado 1st Aloft From 
Labor Day to MLK Day

As our employees and vendors prepare to take-off the next five mounts (from Labor day to MLK Day)  for a well deserved vacation break  for keeping us safely number one  again, and again, our CEO Astro / saucernaut Dr. Doug E Haynes and his space/starline management team takes over.  
They are preparing to celebrate the world’s first space, starlines 23rd reflection anniversary in style once more this fall, 
on the 27th of October,  before initiating both our aerospace flight training school and Jr. Aviators Kid Camp.
This will be done via the operation of  Dr. Haynes  21st century Star-trek/Star-Wars lookalike 
USO UFO simulator and fleet of  Haynes flying saucers. All of  this Third Wave Airline based technology features  state-of -the- art items such  as air-pneumatic / 
magnetic/electrical plasma propulsion based hardware aloft just for you Colorado. 

 As always, we thank our team of partners  for keeping us blessed to enjoy, over and over again, the best  in marketing items such as colorful - audio, video,  webpages, based productions as we continual to amass  the best FAA-AST on time,Flight safety record, and of course the top space starline customer service occurrences platform.

Thanks to God we are headed to the West African Dogon tribes  ancient Dog Star world of the Nommos as located in the try-Sirius orbiting star network to say thanks for givings us the knowledge of Secret USO UFO space flight

Star base Nommos is actually the Dogons creators’ hidden planet orbiting within the confines of Sirius try-Dog Star third network named (Sirius C).

        Like  the Dogon spaceships all of our saucers are driven by the wind contained in the Po seeds

According to the Dogon, the principal element of the world is the Po particle that has a shape of a tiny millet seed (Amma had the same shape). The Po seed was “whirling and radiating particles of matter in a sonic and light action, though remaining invisible and inaudible”. In the Po seed Amma built the entire universe, but in order to “release the world outside” he started revolving on his axis... The Dogon say: “Revolving and dancing, Amma created all spiral stellar worlds of the universe.” Eric Guerrier notes that the image of “the spinning spiral vortex of Amma” may be applied both to an atom with its electron cloud revolving around the nucleus and to spiral galaxy.  “Po twisted around itself preserves the word until the moment when Amma orders to release this word in order to transfer it to all creatures. Po can turn into a terribly strong wind as we  transformation of matter into energy,  E=мс2 formula by  A. Einstein.


08-05 -2018
                                                          From Mustangs of old to
                                                              Star Trek Flying Saucers of New 

 Stop by our October 18th open house to catch a ride on  either one of our two UFO / USO Flying Saucers here at the world's first  civilian spaceline's spaceport. 

Or chose to ride in one of our space flight  bubble jumping family safety ejection pods.
As showed above, We here at Blue Ridge and others have offered  some of our recuse ejection pods to  SpaceX and or  the Thailand Government directly as an means of recusing some of  their 12 taped football players and coach out of arms way in an nitrogen and oxygen filled safety transportation format with no long term turnaround waiting or swimming lesson needed via our standard bubble  pod spaceship utilization features.



Open House

    coming up at the 

FTG Warbirds and Auto airshow

on the  

28th of July 2018


Come one come all,  at 9am, on the 28th of July, to the world's first civilian space-starline spaceport as your formally invited to our ftg spaceport to personally connect with the top aviator of the world, Dr. Haynes and his, world's first spaceline crowd_at_ufo_1and_3management team. Feel free to stop by  in the morning as the first and safest spaceline in the world shows-off not one, but two of our ten passenger light speed FAA /AST registered (USO UFO) Flying  Saucers, named 

El Jimmie Lee, 

and Las Dilila  as propelled by their earth to orbit  booster-package  named Goose Moose while serving as our private space flight upgraded VTOL, gravity producing, 

anti-gravity featuring  version of the DARPA XS-1 aerospace plane. 


God bless you and 


The only thing sexier then 
a North American P-51 mustang 
in the air 
or a 
Ford Mustang of America 
on the road 

is a Haynes USO UFO flying saucer 

at our FTG Spaceport's
Ward-Bird and Auto Classic 
event next month
July 28th at 9:00 am 
as in 
conjunction with our 7th biannual 


Open House

    coming up at the 

FTG Warbirds and Auto airshow

on the  

28th of July 

First Spaceline to initiate   
round trip Mars Flights 
July 18th 2018

Always remember to not
Simply Follow the Water; 
but always Transport 
the People with Water Bottles

Joine us to day as we journey to Mars and beyond  like we did, as the world's first and safest FAA/AST registered  air-space-starline operation since 1994, successfully simulated over six times in the past on 06- 13,-2001,  08-28-2003,  three weeks before 2005's Thanksgiving holiday,  07's Christmas eve, then January 10th, 2010,  once again on the 3rd of March 2012, 04,8 14, and finally  on May 8, 2016 as  video  posted here at;                                                                                                                                 

This time your invited to come along as we embark on our eighth simulated, high speed, Mars, round trip flight of the 21 st century, as video recorded here,  since 2001. Our 100 percent gravity housing environmental sequencing, Mars six-day flight experience will began this time by simply hosting our USO UFO mimicking, star-trek star-wars lookalike,  Haynes (flying) Saucers  named El Jimmelie and Las Dillia as the begaine their flight departure sequences from earth, on Saturday the 31st of June 2018, as our CEO Astro-hydro- saucer-naut Dr. Doug Haynes, his crew pilot our Sci-Fi  “Forbidding Planet” / Earth -vs- Mars movie “lookalike” saucer shaped twin spacecrafts to his space-lines geostationary orbiting, artificial gravity generating, way-point like, space-station. 

This will be done before heading to their lunar base of operation during the first week of 

July, 2018. Astro-hydro- saucer-naut Dr. Doug Haynes, his crew, and passengers like yourself will then dock with his Star-trek lookalike, DEHAS Inc deep space penetrating booster-package, which will be orbiting our Earths moon  on the 7th of  July, before leaving our simplifyed orbital system. 

           In-route to the Mars orbital system 7th -12th

Stop by and help the crew switch  from their USO UFO mimicking, Sci-fi movie Forbidding Planet / Earth -vs- haynes_open_house_pic_1Mars “lookalike” Haynes Saucer named El Jimmie Lee, to our Star-trek lookalike star-ship named Las Dillia. Astro-hydro- saucer-naut Dr. Doug Haynes, his crew, and passengers like yourself will head for Mars on that day. We will accomplish such a record breaking journey via the employment of  our secret, patented, gravitics based ion plasma drive, contentious thrust, deep space flight trans-versing protocols. As normal, Astro-hydro- saucer-naut Dr. Doug Haynes, his crew, and passengers like yourself will reach the Mars orbital system within a week. Astro-hydro- saucer-naut Dr. Doug Haynes , his starline flight crew, and passengers like yourself will first dock with their Mars Moon's (Phobos) artificial gravity generating space-station on the 12th of July  for a quick over night stay, before heading down to the actually surface of Mars during a week long, trouble free, red dust, celestial exportation like vacation.

                                                 On the Surface of Mars

                                                        July 14th 

                                     Once safety on the surface of  Mars (July 14th ) Astro-hydro- saucer-naut Dr. Doug doug_kid_camp_1Haynes, his starline flight crew, and passengers like yourself will deploy a verity of their ground roving and atmospheric flight probing drones and flying saucers such  El Jimmie Lee. 

                                           Leaving the Surface of Mars on the 21st of  July

On the 21st of July , 2018 Astro-hydro- saucer-naut Dr. Doug Haynes his starline flight A_grace_1crew, and passengers like yourself will collect their rovers and air drones before departing the surface of Mars. This is done in-route to their company's Phobos Moon's artificial gravity generating/orbiting spacestation before heading home on the 21st of July. 

                         In-route from the Mars Orbital System 21st-26th of July 

After traveling six short days in deep space, via the employment of our patented gravitices like  ion drive, 

haynes_open_house_pic_2contentious thrust, deep space flight penetrating protocols, Astro-hydro- saucer-naut Dr. Doug Haynes, his starline flight crew, and passengers like yourself will arrive at, and dock with their earth/moon based, geostationary orbiting space-station, on the 26th of July, in the Star-trek lookalike Haynes starship. After switching from their Star-trek lookalike starship into one of Dr. Haynes DEHAS Inc USO UFO mimicking Haynes Saucers, he, his starline flight crew, and passengers like yourself will dock with their earth based, geostationary orbiting space-station, on the 27th of July, before heading for home.

                                              Landing Back Home on the 28th of July

ftg_2015_open_house_pic_8Finally Astro-hydro- saucer-naut  Dr. Doug E Haynes, his starline flight crew, and passengers like yourself, will land back on earth at the world's first active, civilian spaceport, called our FTG Spaceport, with both El Jimmie Lee and Las Dillia in Watkins Colorado, on the 28th of July, 2016, thereby ending the teams 7th record breaking, "MARS-SIX-DAY FLIGHT" as the safest space flight round trip endeavor performed within 30 days, rather then six month or two years in route.  

      Come on out and see if you can safely re-dock one of our air drones back into its original cargo bay housing spots via forward looking camera viewing guidance data on board  either El Jimmie or Los Dillia"s flight decks .

 Your Invited to Come Along so Book your Mars  Flight Today at

 As always 

God Bless you and yours  


                        MARS-SIX- DAY-FLIGHT  Introduction 

 Thanks to God we now are ready to connect with Mars' orbital environment aloft
In July,  via a live real-time round trip atmospheric flight  demonstration of our secret Haynes Saucer-liner's AMP space-motors technology.  As a follow-on event we will  go on to connect with this angry red planet and  deeper space based regions of its new spaces aloft by the 13th of October, 2020. Then its on to relative new deep orbital seeking environments by December 8, 2022.

During this time frame we simply invite you all to come along via our "Ribbon in the stars"route system, or risk spend the next decade, or so, just wasting time, and or, valuable resources conducting research and development  task.                                                         
Task that are pointed at  just seeking to find microcosmic life on erred celestial body's aloft, such as our moon or mars by choosing to follow the water instead  of transporting God's  people throughout the balance of our universe, since this does not promote wealth or  health for the masses below or above. 

Now  you're omnibus invited to travel with us to the stars in uni-cent 

  Thanks to God above Instead of just flying the right stuff in space, here at BRNS we invite all of humanity to come with us as we use our blue    "Ribbon in the Stars"  secret  USO/UFO flying  saucer  technology to             Homestead 
                                        " The New Spaces Aloft  " 
                                                                                                  in Safety 

  God Bless you and yours 


Dr. Doug Finally Gets His FAA- AST Spaceport 

Image result for blue ridge spaceline

Thanks to God, after almost a half of century of hard work ,trails,  tribulations, lots of prayers and blessings from god, we are finally getting our Easter Colorado spaceport here at ftg for his birthday, in mid August

As planed only FAA AST registered/ certified spacecraft , such as our horizontal takeoff/ landing (S- VTOL) Haynes Saucers that can freely navigate the local ATC airspace with others are allowed to operating  at our spaceport.  

Image result for blue ridge spaceline

Because it took decades for anyone to  finally jump on the band wagon of our dreams and visions of success aloft, we are relegated to being  only the 11th  certified designated spaceport in the US , but as always Dr. Doug, and his top rated starline management team will make up the difference needed to propel Colorado aerospace community to number one in civilian passenger and cargo space flight by conducting over 300 flight per year at 24 minutes turnaround intervals from here in no time. 

Thanks guys ( FAA- AST, NTSB, ATC, FTG Administration, and MSCU, ) and as always God Bless you one and all

As we are the only-ones 
 safely and affordably 
Taking an integrated world 
An outer-space environment 
just for you 
God Bless you and yours this 2018 new year

Black History Month

Why  take time to celibate black history month ,  its because  if you don't, lesser men will try to  take self-credit for our superior, god blessed accomplishments year after year, while seeking to minimize us along the way 
While other times struggle with miss-engine firings, landing gear failing, no ejection pod safety release misshapes, and or deaths aloft,  for years and years, thanks to God we triumph on. As the leader of the civilian space transportation industry, and the only ones in the field that cares to hosting Black History Month throughout the balance of February we say god bless you all. 

As is the case during the heated civil rights moment in america, Its been discovered that if your looking for heroic black Americans to hold up as note worthy examples/  role models, then you need to look no further then our CEO, Dr. Doug Haynes, famous family. So with that in mined we not only take time to honor great historical founding nations such as Africa's Nigeria and Haiti, where much of Dr. Doug's family is from, but  we also take time to honor other great African American Personality's as well. 
Like many others around the world, they are being  raised-up  for possessing  God giving superior pioneering talents. We salute Personality's such as James Beckwourth , Elmer  Dewitt Jr , Dianna Aidia Haynes, Uncial Leroy Haynes,  and Dr. Jeannette Epps. 

We also salute our very own CEO, Dr. Doug E Haynes, as the world's greatest  astro/ saucernaut for helping growing nations around the globe, ranging from America to Norway, to become functional aloft sooner then later.

We start out saluting perhaps one of our CEO's most famous  family members  of the 1800's 
Mr. J Beckwourth 

Image result for James Beckwourth

James Beckwourth discovered what is now known as Beckwourth Pass in the spring of 1850, and immediately set about establishing a trail to Marysville. He worked on the trail in the summer and fall of 1850 and the spring of 1851, In the late summer of that year James led the first wagon train of settlers along the trail into Marysville.

It's said that he told the ill-fated Donner party to follow his lead, but they tragically declined his black man leadership. Despite  this occurrence the Beckwourth Trail was used heavily until about 1855, when the railroad supplanted the wagon train as the preferred method of travelling to California. Despite their promise to pay him for his efforts James was never compensated for his time and efforts , just like in the case of Dr. Doug's plight today , almost 200 years later, who first thought of Spaceport Colorado, the credit for James creation of the pass was originally awarded to one of his counterparts mountain (white) man. But as always God worked to correct such grievous mistakes sooner then later. 

Elmer Dewitt Haynes Jr

Congratulations is in-order for our CEO's father, Mr. Elmer D Haynes jr. As he is being inducted in to the world's established aircraft model building  organization  
( AMA) as located in Indianan, for being their first , best and only black builder flyers and director Originally the credit for his  pioneering aeronautical work was giving over to one of his white cohorts, but as always God worked to correct e such a grievous devious mistakes sooner then later. .
Diana Aidia  Haynes

They say if your gonna  be successful take someone with you, and Dr. Doug has done just that with his family and friends. So with that in mind, we take time to  salute our CEO's  oldest daughter Aidia and her other two sisters, Felicia and Asela Haynes, as successful "women of color". We thanks them for  flowing the  family's  successful foot steps in the areas of mathematics, business science, and publishing authorship. 

Mr.  Leroy William Haynes 

If coming up under perhaps the top model airplane building aviators, Elmer Haynes Jr, was enough to propel our CEO and owner of the  number one spaceline, Dr. Doug  to success while helping him become the world's  greatest aviator / aerospace scientist, then being around a second master of the aviation aerospace field of study, Mr. Leroy William Haynes only served to seal the deal. Yes that right our CEO was positively influenced by his uncle's push all the way to the top. For exampled, our pioneering aviation master, members of the family , Leroy, was the first black person to become a NAVY Neptune aircraft navigator from the 50's to the 80's. He later opening the doors to rocketry science for people of color at locations such as the White Sands Missile Base. It's been a long time coming but this month, as promised,  we salute you "uncial Leroy" , while saying thanks for both nurturing and supporting our God blessed aerospace trek to the top. We are staying their just for you guys
As always God speed and blessing to you each 

Dr. Jeannette Epps 

Unfortunately, like last year, we once again find ourselves as the only ones doing the right thing in honoring women of color in  the world of aerospace science as we proudly lift-up another one of NASA 's women of color. Instead of working to minimize her greatness since birth, we dutifully salute Dr. Jeannette Epps for her pioneering aerospace science historical medical endeavors. 

God bless you and yours

Our Passenger space flight loading opportunity to Mars
is set for July 28th 2018 

in conjunction with our FTG Warplanes and Auto   
Air Fair Day 

"Mars live time-flight time"
 hands on  
right here at the 
world's first 
civilian terrestrial based spaceport 

Come be part of it all

God Bless you and yours

World's First FAA Certified 
"Air Taxi Service" 
Blue Diamond Quest 
ground aerial 
Taxi-Limousine Service
takes-off on video
Part 1 and 2

Worlds First Air Taxi Service Aloft

God bless you and yours 

Your invited to come along with us as we celebrate  MLK Day on the 15th of 2018, while saying goodbye, and good luck to one of Americas top presidents  "Barack 
Obama"  and his family, with supporters such as the Webb's family's many loving marade marchers
in Hope, Faith, Joy and Love

"Job well done Good and Faithful Servants" 

Barack and Michelle Obama 
we love and miss you 
  As always, God bless you and yours

Thank you, for 10 years of knowing the world's greatest American President

As always God Bless you and yours 

Standing on the top 
of the industry 
Dr. Doug (six-pack) Haynes wins Air/space/starline  CEO of the Year Again 
"No more diapers or zero gravity sickness in space"
As head of the only manned spaceship flying today and as well as the safest / Fastest growing / most innovated /most profitable/ most public  accessible, Most viewed Space Flight Reservation Webpage , win this and the 
Top spaceship / designer of the century

Thanks to God , as has been the case for the last 27 years, or more, Dr. Doug Haynes has once again won both  the nomination/ vote for the top spaceline CEO/ president, starline manager,  head aerospace scientist, and space ship designing engineer of the civilian space transportation industry.  

Dr. Haynes also won the top passenger/ cargo spaceship design of the 21st century as depicted on the most popular viewed space transportation reservation webpage for  the last two decades 

 As always God Bless you and yours


Stop by to see us building / flying 
the only Real 
Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise on video

Building The Real Flying USS Enterprise

God bless you and yours


Stop by to cache a ride on video 
as one of the  world's first Spaceline Passengers  to Mars 

Worlds first Spaceline Passenger load-up event

God bless you and yours

World's first Spaceline Passengers

We are the only spaceline  operator  to actually  give rides to our family and friends who are now officially the the world's first spaceline passengers.

The first, safest,  only man rated 
FAA -AST registered 
commercial spaceline
company in the world  
since 1994
Air/spacelines 22nd anniversary 
open house 
in our new hanger 
on October 14th 
 at our BRNS FTG Spaceport 
from noon to 3pm 
Just 10 miles East Of DIA 

Come ride in not one, but two of Americas first FAA /AST registered (USO UFO) Flying  (Haynes) Saucers named
“El Jimmie Lee” ( first to fly in the original X-prize and Bigelow America's Space Prize  races to space in 2003) 

“Los Dilila” ( first and only DARPA fully submersible aircraft

and Goose Moose 

(the DARPA SX-1 as our un-manned lower stage  booster package 



 Keeping Colorado 1st Aloft From 
Labor Day to MLK Day

As our employees and vendors prepare to take-off the next five mounts (from Labor day to MLK Day)  for a well deserved vacation break  for keeping us safely number one  again, and again, our CEO Astro / saucernaut Dr. Doug E Haynes and his space/starline management team takes over.  
They are preparing to celebrate the world’s first space, starlines 22nd reflection anniversary in style once more this fall, 
on the 14th of October,  before initiating both our aerospace flight training school and Jr. Aviators Kid Camp.
This will be done via the operation of  Dr. Haynes  21st century Star-trek/Star-Wars lookalike 
USO UFO simulator and fleet of  Haynes flying saucers. All of  this Third Wave Airline based technology features  state-of -the- art items such  as                                                                        air-pneumatic / 
magnetic/electrical plasma propulsion based hardware aloft just for you Colorado. 

 As always, we thank our team of partners  for keeping us blessed to enjoy, over and over again, the best  in marketing items such as colorful - audio, video,  webpages, based productions as we continual to amass  the best FAA-AST on time,Flight safety record, and of course the top space starline customer service occurrences platform.

Its that time once again that everyone has been so gracefully asking for, 
Free Rides in a real UFO

Someone once said that 
extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence 

Third Wave Airlines Takeoff

So iempirical evidence seeking activities, such as "seeing (and touching) is believing"  meat the  demand of proof then  feel free to register for a quick stop-by to ride in or wittiness our State-of-the art, Star-trek Star-Wars lookalike, USO UFO as they  are performing, FAA AST registered, passenger-cargo carrying, Haynes Saucer like spaceship endeavors while  taking final shape for yourself, 
 this October 14th  

As usually this 22nd  anniversary like "reflection open-house" ride free gala  on the 14th  will be conducted at our BRNS /  FTG spaceport, as located just 10 miles east of Denver 's international servicing airport, DIA. 

Thanks to God we have been number one since 1994 with the best spaceport in the world because of  things its close  proximity to abundant customer servicing resources like three major population centers, major hotels, dinning services like our 99th  aero-squadron restaurantwater parks, several major western based international highway intersection systems, and primary to secondary railroad, light-rail RTD accessing lines. All of this and more  is what helped us as far back as 1974 to become the first and only realistically choice aloft.  

Our Third Wave Airline  operation  also offers charter passenger / hazmat cargo freight space horizontal launching/ receiving operation from the middle of the country as well.  We  do all of this just for you by employing safe Third Wave Airline / Spaceline amenity's that feature  items such as fully reusable, all green,  water/ solar electric propelled interplanetary USO UFO  based  spacecoach  transportation, via personnel ejection pod. These items are pointed at keeping you, and or, your  payloads safely and comfortably close to all the action below, in, or above the atmosphere at record breaking fairs. 

                              As always God Bless you and yours
So come on aboard 
and get your 
USO UFO ride of a lifetime 
as we are 
 Celebrating 62 years of perfect safe UFO USO Starline operational leadership aloft like no one else can

Come see how our CEO, Dr. Doug Haynes, has lived up to his aerospace science endeavors full potential by placing over five ejection pods. Five UFO/USO flying saucers, and six books on the market while returning back to FTG airport to finalizes his Blue Ridge Nebula Spaceline Haynes Saucers starlines flight testing program.  

Dr. Haynes turned  his operation into the worlds first civilian spaceport  as far back as 2001 when he began  upgrading his FAA 135 certified airline into a spaceline. He did this by opting to test  the worlds  first manned  Haynes Saucer  there.  Though others try to steal our claim to fame,  God Blessed us to stay number one. For MLK-DAY we conduct or final UFO USO flight out west (Golden) before moving back home (Watkins) Colorado as the words first  space/starline company aloft three years ago.   

As always God bless you and yours


As always we are still number one in the most popular, safest, experienced, degree and affordable 
third wave air-space-starline company in the world 
Empirical "Seeing is Believing"  Evidence  

 13 years After Conducting Our X-Prize 1st Flight, 
we Celebrate our 22st Anniversary as the only entry who safely made it this far, this fast, this safe, with the help and blessings of God!


About sixty one years after first discovering his USO / UFO operational technology, 32 years after successfully patenting / incorporating the technology, and 15 years after being the first racing team to fly a re-usable,  sub-orbital spacecraft for the electronic media under the original X-Prize spaceship testing performance stipulations and pr-protocols, Dr. Doug Haynes triumphs on as number one. 

Thanks to his God, the years have proven that Dr. Haynes is still the only one who has the capability and ingenuity of inviting us all to safely, and efficiency journey with  his starline management team to the new spaces aloft using all green emissions power plant technology and safety ejection pods, sooner then later as posted here;

As always God Bless you and yours this fall and winter season.

 the world's first civilian 
(Third Wave Airlines) 
shows off the only 

USA  man- rated and flying  VTOL Spaceship
at our FTG 
airshow at the first civilian spaceport on the 22nd of July right here in Eastern Colorado 
Feel free to either visit us, or  see our newest video named Third Wave Airlines Takeover (listed below in six parts ) as we continual to build the world's first and safest FAA registered, and or, certified air-taxi service to the new spaces aloft just for you since 1974.  

Third Wave Airlines Takeover 

Introduction / Trailer Video

Third Wave Airlines Takeover Trailer

Third Wave Airlines Takeover Part 1-6

Third Wave Airlines Takeover

Third Wave Airlines takeover Part 2

Third Wave Airlines takeover Part 3

Third Wave Airlines takeover Part 4

Third Wave Airlines takeover Part 5

Third Wave Airlines takeover Part 6

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