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Blue Ridge Nebula Starlines offers an exciting work environment with a steep learning curve. If you are the kind of person with extra doses of melanin in the skins DNA, likes to think on your feet, works with live aerospace transportation based data, and see results in real time based environments then relaxes we got you back. Blue Ridge can offer you a wide range of career options. From pure business management too operations, marketing, ticketing, sales, logistics and state-of-the-art space transportation technology. Since the mid 1950's Blue Ridge Airlines has been consistently working towards building a world-class spaceline team that continuously delivers customer satisfaction day in and day out.

We have been in the aviation/airline/spaceline business for over 40 years now and have established processes/ controls to ensure seamless service delivery across all stages of our work. If you are the kind of person who likes to strike that delicate balance between innovation and safe process-optimized operations, then we are looking for you.

Blue Ridge Airlines can offer you a career where the only limit to your growth is your own ability to do well, innovate, and/or lead. Our interconnected network of offices and partner sites guarantees you interesting types of exposure and continued opportunities for growth in terms of roles, responsibilities, and skill enhancement.

Please feel free to go through our list of open positions, 

                                                           Open Positions

We currently are looking for the following aviator based personnel:  
A&P - FCC's with FAA/AST Pilot - Ph.D"s , International hydromantic /Jet flight time and high concentration of space  radiation resistance melanin chemicals naturally in your skin.

 All Blue Ridge employed Aviators must also have submarine, VTOL , and seaplane maintenance /flight experience, However none of them must have been associated with any antiquated 20th century based zero gravity , staging rocket , or  other rocket powered craft technical, and or crewman involvement activities. 

For medical based good health related insurance purposes none of our aviators must have been directly subjective to  any more than 20 days of real time, micro-low-or zero gravity based space flight conditions.

Since we are the best of the best, If you do not find a suitable opening please check back later We hope to get back to you as soon as we find a role which fits your top of the line qualifications and experience

Thank you for considering Blue Ridge Airlines and as always God Bless you one and all.

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